Adrian Barath says West Indies have enough time to adapt to English conditions - Cricket News Update

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Adrian Barath says West Indies have enough time to adapt to English conditions - Cricket News Update

The, has said that they have enough time to get acclimatised to English conditions before the opening Test between England and West Indies kick starts at Lord’s, on May 17, 2012.
The West Indian cricket team, coming to, was washed out, after
34 overs were bowled.
However, Barath believes they still have adequate time to adapt to playing conditions in England, before they start their tour against world number one Test side, England.
"I think there's sufficient time," said the 22-year-old right-handed batsman from Trinidad.
"Normally we wouldn't have all this time, coming in a week before. That will serve us well. We're looking to grasp the opportunity, and make every opportunity count,” he added further. in a four-day warm-up match at Northampton, between May 10 and 13. Barath said that these warm-up games are very important for them going into the Test series against the Test No. 1 side.
"They're very important. It's good that we're here two weeks before the first Test match," said the right-handed batsman who has so far played 12 Test for West Indies, compiling 543 runs at an average of 23.60.
"I don't mind the extreme conditions. It's nice to experience these things. We're not surprised about these conditions. It's something we expected," he added further.
In the rain ruined first warm-up match against Sussex, Barath could score only 16 runs before being bowled out by Wernars. The opener said that he was a bit unlucky to get dismissed.
"I was a bit unlucky, but the time I was out there I felt really good," he said. "I'm working on playing the ball a bit later (in English conditions), leaving a lot more balls,” he added further.



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