Nico Rosberg confident despite bad start to the season - Formula 1 news

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Nico Rosberg confident despite bad start to the season - Formula 1 news
Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg is not worried because of a bad start to the Formula 1 season in 2013. He has been forced to retire from two of the three races because
of technical issues with the car.
However, the veteran driver feels that things have improved a lot for Mercedes over the past few years and he will definitely make an impact in the upcoming races.
He is currently in Bahrain for the fourth race of the season.
According to the German, “It has been disappointing not to finish, but I am really looking forward because I come here with a good car and the belief that I can
really make it happen this weekend. That is a really nice feeling that I don't remember so much from last year, because towards the middle of the season that was gone and we were nowhere.”
During the 2012 season, Mercedes started off strongly with some impressive qualifying performances. The team struggled to carry that form on race day most of the
times though, but there were certain occasions, where they matched the pace of rival teams.
Despite that, the German giants failed to match the development pace of some of the other teams such as Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari and Lotus. As a result, they
were unable to fight for victories towards the end of the season.
The main issue for Mercedes over the years has been tyre wear. Particularly in places like Bahrain, the team struggled to do strong laps, but the situation appears
to be a lot better this time around.
Rosberg stated, “Our biggest weakness was tyre overheating, which was a big issue here, but I am confident we are much improved on that so we should be better on
that front. The second thing is development, so I am trying to work with the engineers and try to make sure that we are on top of our game.”
The second Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has enjoyed better reliability this year, as he has finished all three races in points. Despite playing down any chances
of fighting for the title this year, he has scored a couple of podiums and is positioned at number four in the championship. 



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