San Diego Padres trade Luis Martinez to Texas Rangers – MLB News

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San Diego Padres trade Luis Martinez to Texas Rangers – MLB News
The San Diego Padres have traded their catcher, Luis Martinez to Texas Rangers and acquired Ryan Kelly as a future prospect for 2012. Both franchises have met before on several occasions for this very deal but could not finalise it, but late on Thursday
evening, the Rangers’ general manager, Jon Daniels officially spoke in the media and announced the arrival of Martinez.
Daniels said, “He's slated to compete for a role on the bench, If not, he has options and can go to [Triple A] Round Rock.”
Martinez, a full time minor league player for the Padres also played 22 games in the Major League Baseball last season representing San Diego with full energy. He was so impressive in those particular 22 games that he was recently given a chance in the Padres
40-man roster for 2012.
On the other hand, the Rangers had very bad feeling regarding their defeat in the World Series finals against the St. Louis Cardinals as they started to find a better catcher for the next season. They certainly also wanted to give a backup to their long
time catchers, Mike Napoli and Yorvit Torrealba.
While having met at the general managers’ meeting at the MLB annual winter meeting in Milwaukee, the top executives from Rangers and Padres managements, decided to involve in a trade for their own respective reasons.
After months of negotiations, both franchises have agreed to send their one particular player to fulfil both teams’ needs. Looking at both players’ stats, many will agree that these two players certainly have a phenomenal past record.
Luis Martinez played 22 games for San Diego’s Major League team and went with a hitting average of .203 along with one home-run, 10 RBIs and .309 OBP while Ryan Kelly went 3-6 along with a 3.95 Earned Runs Average and nine saves in over 38  appearances in
Class A Myrtle Beach, in 2011.
Both players have performed tremendously over the last two years and are now in perfect condition to play in the Major League teams.



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