Joleon Lescott hopes Manchester City don’t lose any more games

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Joleon Lescott hopes Manchester City don’t lose any more games
Manchesterrr City defender and has come forth and admitted that he doesn’t want to see City lose any more games. The defender feels that if the team drops any more points, they could create an opening for their rivals
to catch up and beat to the Premier League crown.
City are currently sitting on top of the Premier League table in over eighty years and the team doesn’t plan on letting this record fall apart, any time in the near future.
Lescott, along with the rest of the City players are delighted with the fact that they are outperforming their local rivals and hope to keep Manchester United well behind them, for the remainder of the season.
When talking about the team’s goals and ambitions for the rest of the season, Lescott is quoted to have said: “The main goal is to win every game, home and away, and match United’s results”
The player then admitted that despite the team scoring more goals, he didn’t want to risk being too arrogant, as he hopes for the team to do their best.
“We are scoring a lot of goals and winning games and we have an air of confidence about us. But that is controlled – you don’t want it to be too arrogant.

“The main thing is to keep it going, keep progressing and keep our feet on the ground.”
City have gone on to cause havoc against every team that they have faced and so far, the team has only lost one Premier League game, against
The Manchester based club has ample depth to their squad and it seems like the team has finally started to work like a unit together.
All that they really need to do now, is to focus on avoid getting too complacent and hope to avoid injuries to any of their key players.
It seems like has finally adjusted to life in the Premier League and is now aware of how you need to play, in order to win the Premiership.
It is now going to be a wait to see just what team goes on and wins the Premier League title at the end of the season.



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