Ryan Braun: The Milwaukee Brewers’ star left-fielder

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Ryan Braun: The Milwaukee Brewers’ star
Ryan Joseph Braun never fails to disappoint his ardent fans when it comes to a scintillating performance. A perfection-personified player, this left-fielder has constantly been touching the new heights of prominence with his consistent performance; helping
his team the Milwaukee Brewers outsource rival teams.
While he is a nightmare for any pitcher, he is a subject of immense admiration for the media. Through his majestically great display of play this year, he was ranked No. 16 by the
Sporting News in its list of the 50 greatest current players in baseball. Not only that, he remains to be the Most Valuable Player too in the National League.
His list of achievements is certainly a long one. It goes back to him being formally drafted in the 2007 Major League by the Milwaukee Brewers. In the very first year that he became the part of the team, he rose to the Rookie of the Player Award, not to
mention him becoming the Rookie of the Month in June, soon after he was drafted in May.
He said, “Whenever you get an award at the end of the year, it means you were consistent during the season and helped your team win. That means a lot to me.” 
In the same year, 2007, his slugging percentage stood at .716 while the OBP hovered over .435, presenting him as a stark challenge to any pitcher of the rival team. In the history of the Milwaukee Brewers, he was among the fastest to get 20 homers in the
start of his career.
In the next year, carefully treading the path to glory, Ryan Braun journeyed into the 2008 All Star Game, getting most votes for the most outstanding outfielder of National League. He then also become the first Milwaukee outfielder to have got voted for
All Star game. He was the Silver Slugger of the year too.
If that alone did not satisfy his insatiable appetite for attaining more glory, in 2009, he became one of the 50 greatest current players in baseball, and then also part of the Team USA. All this while, his performance only saw sharp rise; proving the ever
impressive credentials of the Milwaukee Brewers slugger.
This year, he was to become the National League Most Valuable Player, making his way into All Star game once again, and becoming a Silver Slugger, a testimony to the player’s phenomenal consistency.
While he is subject to a controversy these days, where he failed to pass a drug test, he himself has always been known to have avoided taking such performance-enhancing drugs. In one of the interviews he had said, “The fans appreciate the success the young
guys are having now because they know the game is clean, that they’ve finally got rid of all the performance-enhancing drug issues.”
Having appeared in 150 games this past season, he scored 109 runs, having hit 187 hits with a .332 average along with slugging percentage of .597. In National League, he stood first in both SLG and OPS with a .597 and .994 average simultaneously. His career
average stands at .312 in the 729 games that he has represented his team, scoring 506 runs with 531 RBIs to his credit.



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