Sony confirm that The Last Guardian has not been cancelled, phew…

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Team ICO latest project is still under development, United States’ retailers GameStop apologize for earlier statement. Fans breathe a sigh of relief.
PlayStation 3 gamers witnessed the video game industry version of bringing the dead back to life when Sony responded to reports that the console exclusive The Last Guardian had not been cancelled. Though, we do admit that the game was never dead in the first
place, everyone was just misinformed.
There was a fair bit of commotion in the industry when one of the largest video game retailers in the United States, GameStop, made all the wrong moves in all the wrong places. Not only did the retailer post an automatic call to their customers that the
game had been cancelled but they also went on to remove the listing of the game from their website and their in-store systems.
Basically, they convinced their entire customer base that the game had indeed been cancelled and that gamers ought to focus their attention, read hard earned cash, elsewhere.
However, GameStop put on a brave face and did the right thing by publically apologizing for the mix up, stating the lack of a clear release date as the reason they assumed the title had been binned.
A statement on the website read, “The Last Guardian has not been cancelled by Sony as we incorrectly stated in an automated call to reservation customers.” The statement continued with the reason, “Because the game did not have a specific release date, GameStop
made the decision to remove the game from out system.”
The retailer also went on to add the game’s name back to the listings and made it available for pre-order once more, which was also pointed out, “The Last Guardian will be reinstated for pre-order when a firm launch date is known.”
One cannot blame GameStop though as nearly all the news surrounding the title was rather ominous, especially when the story of the game’s main developer abandoning the project broke. From that moment on the word ‘cancelled’ seemed to be on everyone’s lips.
However, Sony confirmed in as little as four words that the game was still on. Those four words came from the Senior Director of Corporate Communication’s, Patrick Seybold’s tongue, who seems to prefer being blunt and to the point.
He said, “This is not true.”
So, there everyone has it, GameStop made a simple mistake in the interest of protecting its customers, the mistake sent ripples across the gaming industry, Sony came out and responded to the reports and settled everyone down before the GameStop apologized
and set the record straight.
The story seems to be a true testament to the saying that “all is well that ends well.”



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