Red Bull driver Mark Webber pleased with pole performance for Spanish Grand Prix – Formula 1 news

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Red Bull driver Mark Webber pleased with pole performance for Spanish Grand Prix – Formula 1 news
Red Bull Racing team driver Mark Webber has said that he is pleased with his pole position taking performance at the qualifying session for the Spanish Grand Prix.
Webber said this was going to be the first time that he is going to start the race ahead of his teammate, the reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel who had a perfect pole position streak so far in the 2011 Formula 1 season.
Webber scored his fastest time of the session just 2 tenths clear of his teammate who was running his RB7 without the Kinetic Energy Recovery System. However, the two Red Bull drivers were almost a second faster than their closest rival Lewis Hamilton which
clearly revealed that the RB7 was still the fastest car on the track.
“I think it was pretty clear going in to qualifying that we might have had a bit of a margin so it was going to be probably down to Seb and I maybe for the front row, without being arrogant but it just looked like that - you never can underestimate these
guys but we thought we were probably going to battle for a pole between ourselves,” said Webber.
The Australian driver managed to score a perfect lap and the only thing running through his mind during his flying lap was squeezing as much time as he could at each corner in order to get as close as possible to his teammate’s fastest time.
“We got through [the first session] on the first set of hards so that was nice to do that, and some other people did as well,” said the Aussie.
He added that he was unaware of the time Vettel scored as both of the drivers scored back-to-back lap times.
Nevertheless, the start of the Spanish Grand Prix is going to be very important for the front runners as the driver to reach the first corner first is going to be advantageous throughout the race.
Lewis Hamilton of McLaren is going to be the main threat for the two Red Bull drivers as he is on the cleaner portion of the track due to which his KERS is going to be very effective.



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