Mercedes driver Schumacher unable to take part in Spanish GP Q3 due to KERS issue – Formula 1 news

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Mercedes driver Schumacher unable to take part in Spanish GP Q3 due to KERS issue – Formula 1 news
The seven-time Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher has said that he was unable to take part in the final qualifying session because of problems with the Kinetic Energy Recovery System of his car.
Schumacher was looking very promising this weekend as he scored the 6th fastest time in Q2 just a couple of tenths short of his teammate Nico Rosberg’s time.
The team has been improving its performance as Rosberg is looking pretty good especially after he started from 3rd place on the grid behind the two Red Bull Racing team drivers at the Turkish Grand Prix. He also qualified for 7th place
for the Spanish Grand Prix behind Vitaly Petrov.
Schumacher on the other hand has been quite unlucky comparatively since he was the only driver who did not take part in Q3 of the Spanish Grand Prix.
“Unfortunately in Q3, my KERS system did not work but we reacted in the best possible way.  We took the decision to go out on prime tyres to be able to react if other cars did the same. As no-one did, we came in without setting a time so we can now choose
our strategy for tomorrow,” said Schumacher.
However, since he did not take part in that session, he saved a fresh set of soft tyres which he is hoping to use for the race in order to take the advantage and hopefully score some decent points.
“I will certainly try to have another of the good starts that I have made recently, make up some positions right at the beginning, and take it from there. With DRS (Drag Reduction System) and KERS, overtaking is possible even in Barcelona, so it is important
to use your tyres well, and I still have a set of fresh tyres left,” he added.
As a result, the German driver might be able to score a good result at the Spanish Grand Prix and his aim for the race is to finish at least ahead of his teammate Nico Rosberg. Let’s see if he manages to do that on Sunday.



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