Badminton Association of Malaysia confident of progress by investing more in development programmes

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Badminton Association of Malaysia confident of progress by investing more in development programmes
The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) is confident to produce better players by spending RM 1.6 million in the junior development programmes. The huge investment will help BAM to eliminate the impending skill gap between Malaysia and China.
While talking about the difference in skill levels between China and Malaysia, BAM secretary, Ng Chin Chai said that it will take time for his nation to achieve the level which China possesses.
Chin said, “It will not be too wrong to say that Malaysia are 10 years behind China. It will take years of effort, a strong base of talent and lots of money for us to catch up with them.”
Chin added that the development programmes are ready to work on the grass root level. He is confident that this initiative will start generating good players from the junior level.
For the purpose of grooming players at the state level throughout the country, the National Sports Council (NSC) has approved a grant of RM 1.6 million, which will help local bodies to produce better players who will be able to compete at the international
level in future.
Ng Chai further said, “A state will now get about RM 200,000 instead of RM 30,000 annually from us. The monetary boost will help them regulate their programmes for the players aged between 10 and 18-years-old.”
The development committee of BAM will manage the state development programmes in the whole country. BAM is also spending money in the development of coaches, who will train the young shuttlers to enhance their skills.
While talking about the performance of the Malaysian team in the Sudirman Cup 2011, Ng Chin said that the squad performed well in the mixed team championship. Malaysia lost their match to South Korea with a margin of 2-3, in the quarter-final stage of the
Now, more emphasis will be on junior shuttlers as the new development programme will start soon, which is expected to produce maximum results by producing quality players who will win titles for Malaysia by participating in all major tournaments at international



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