Black Sticks Women’s Development Team lose to Japan, 4-1: Women Hockey News

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Black Sticks Women’s Development Team lose to Japan, 4-1: Women Hockey News
Definitely, it was not what Black Sticks Women’s Development Team were expecting in the fifth match, as Japan’s National Women’s Team defeated them by 4-1 in the final match of the five Test match series, played today at the Gifu Green
Stadium in Kakamigahara, Japan.
The Kiwis had the chance to level the series, but remained unsuccessful in doing so due to some basic level errors to which they came across in the match. First two of the five matches were won by Japan quite comfortably by the same margin, 4-2, but
the New Zealanders came back forcefully, drawing the third match by 2-2 and winning the fourth one by 3-2, which was a nail-biting finish.
During the first half only one goal was scored and it was from Japan. Both the teams made daring efforts, but the score remained at 1-0 until the end of the first half.
In the second half there was more excitement as Japanese showed some more electrifying moves, scoring two goals in a short span of time and tripled their lead. However, in the 59th minute Kiwis converted one of their several
opportunities into a goal, when Carli Michelsen guided a penalty corner shot towards the net and reduced the score margin. However, soon after the Kiwis’ goal, Japanese once again broke through the Kiwis’ defence-line and scored the final goal of the match.
The match closed at 4-1 to Japan, who claimed the series by 3-1.
“Obviously the team is disappointed that we were not able to win the final game. Japan played exceptionally well and although there were phases of play that worked well for us, we were off the pace compared to our performance yesterday,” Chris Leslie,
the coach of Black Sticks women’s Development team explained after their defeat.
“Throughout this series there has been a real willingness from these players to learn, which has been fantastic. Although we cannot come away with a series win, players have had the chance to develop their skills against some top international players
and as a team they have learnt a lot,” Chris Leslie further stated.
From Kiwis’ side Krystal Forgesson was the star performer of the night, who showed excellent stick work throughout the entire series. Kiwis are expected to arrive in New Zealand tomorrow morning.



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