How the h**l am I supposed to know the exact wording and name I used six months ago?

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to a question that was only deleted two days ago. I cannot recall the wording of questions from two hours ago that never appeared. What chance have I to recall what I asked in full six months ago?




  1. next time print a copy of your answer lol

  2. I delete all vios as they come in I don't even open them anymore, doesn't seem to be any point, as for remembering something from six months ago ..... forget it.

  3. Weren't you Tank then?

  4. Do you care?

  5. i actually gave a sensible answer and got a

    vio for it, i did appeal, guess what? never

    heard from them, so i just delete them as i

    get them, i don't even read what the vio was for now.  

  6. Best to bring this up on the suggestions board.

  7. Stop drinking and smoking and your memory will return. Unless of course you are as old as McCain.

  8. Horrible really.

    Oh well, why bothered. Don't waste your time and effort.

    Let it go .... you've got no chance if you can't recall the Q.

    Karma to those who keep reporting Q for no reasons or for fun.

  9. I lost a level 6 with over 15,000 points and never was able to find out why. I lost it at the beginning of April, appealed but was never told why or reinstated.  I do think the least yahoo could do is give a reasonable explanation. It takes a lot of time to get that number of points but only a few minutes to get an explanation

  10. LOL it wasn't the make-up and nail varnish one was it?

    Tank the tart,,i remember that one pmsl!!

  11. Keep replying to their violation e-mail and insist that they re-send you the  information - they are required to do this by law.  Eventually back it will come and probably with an abject apology and restoration of your points and no deduction of points for asking.

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