Owen Coyle hails Ryo Miyaichi's performance

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Owen Coyle hails Ryo Miyaichi
Bolton Wanderers manager, Owen Coyle has praised Ryo Miyaichi for the way he played against Millwall.
Miyaichi, who is on loan at Bolton from, went on to make his first start for the team in the FA Cup against Millwall.
The mercurial forward took only three minutes to set his mark on the match, as he went on to score the opening goal of the game.
The Japanese international went on to receive a pass on the left flank and then darted past his marker, all the way into the area, before curling a shot past the keeper and into the back of the net.
After watching Miyaichi prove his worth in the FA Cup, Coyle has gone on to admit that the youngster has some very special attributes and that it is only a matter of time before he goes on and makes his mark on the world of football.
The Bolton manager is quoted to have said: “He has more than just one strength. He has many attributes. He has pace, he has two great feet. He has football intelligence for such a young man and he's driven to be the best he can be,” Coyle told reporters
after the game.”

“He has a great temperament and I could be here all day waxing lyrical about him.”

“I'm not doing that on the back of a good performance today, I've said that since he came to the club.”
The manager then admitted that it was the player’s good ball control that allowed him to get into such a favourable position, which let him score the goal with ease.
Coyle then went on to add:  “He's got such a great touch of the ball, he's got lovely feet and the touch made the goal because then it allowed him to face the goalkeeper one versus one.”
At the moment, most critics believe that Miyaichi has the potential to go on and become one of the best players in the world of football.
Should he keep playing at the pace that he has set for himself, it won’t be long before he goes on and breaks into the Gunners starting eleven, in the same manner that he broke into Bolton’s.



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