Sania Mirza bows to Aleksandra Wozniak in the 1st qualifying round - Dubai Duty Free Cham. 2012

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Sania Mirza bows to Aleksandra Wozniak in the first round qualifier - Dubai Duty Free Cham. 2012 
Indian tennis icon, Sania Mirza, once again left her fans dejected after an impressive opening set performance against the Canadian, Aleksandra Wozniak, in the opening qualifying round of the Dubai Duty Free Championship.
She lost the match 2-6, 6-3, 6-2.
It was a remarkable comeback from the Canadian. Her enthusiasm and ability to turn the tables on her opponent was applauding able. She had lost earlier to the same competitor in the JP Morgan Chase Open in 2007 but this time
she was in aggressive mood with revenge on her mind.
Mirza gobbled up the first five games of the set within 25 minutes of the start and it seemed like the contest will be over in an hour time. She broke three times in succession and spared just a couple of games for her opponent,
cruising into the second set with a commanding lead and her opponent thumped on the back foot.
The second set ignited a little competition between the two players. Mirza was pushed deep at the baseline with her opponent taking control of the proceedings. The Indian was almost on the verge of losing a serve game to
her opponent in the fourth game but she saved a couple of breakpoints to stick together with scores progressing to 2-2.
Wozniak didn’t ease pressure on her opponent and was rewarded with a breakthrough in the sixth game that gave her the lead of two games, with scores ticking over to 4-2. An exchange of breakpoints in the following games kept
her lead intact. She bagged the second set and diminished the lead Mirza had earned with her classy first set show.
The final set started off slowly but both contestants charged the tempo with some eye-startling display. Wozniak was the one who had the upper hand with a lead of 4-2 by the end of the sixth game. She had already broken Mirza
twice in succession and was ready to do the heroics for the third time in a row. Surprisingly, she was successful in attaining another breakthrough and Mirza was snubbed of the second qualifying round berth from the Canadian.
Wozniak locks horns with the winner of the encounter between Kateryna Bondarenko and Chanelle Scheepers in the second qualifying round.



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