Aughacasla Vieri and Scramble: The favourite duo to sizzle at Hove – Gala Coral Puppies Preview

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Aughacasla Vieri and Scramble: The favourite duo to sizzle at Hove – Gala Coral Puppies Preview
Hove greyhound racing track is set to host ‘Gala Coral Puppies’ open race at 12:13 tonight, February 19. It will be one of the thrilling contests that are going to be held at this venue on the weekend.
Six hounds including Scramble, Seals Babe, Cut Above, Guinness Andy, Aughacasla Vieri and Threebearscameto will compete for £150 prize money on 475m flat course.
Ahead of the high-stakes race, we present here an exclusive preview for the assistance of the bookmakers who plan to invest in the market tonight.
Following are the career snapshots of each of the entries:
D Childs’ novice runner will be looking for her second victory when she takes on the experienced opponents tonight. Making her debut on January 20, 2012, the black b***h finished second in her second race on January 31 followed by a fabulous 1-length clean
victory on February 7.
These couple of outstanding performances has exposed her talent well. Tonight, she is going to run with favourite tag, having 85 percent chances to win.
Seals Babe
The two-year-old black b***h has won three out of her total eight starts so far. The trainee of S Cahill started her career in November 2011, bagging her maiden victory on 21st of the same month followed by a couple of splendid wins during the next month.
However, the brilliant b***h lost some confidence with the dawn of the 2012, finishing 6th in two back-to-back races. If she performs to her utmost, she still has 70 percent chances to win tonight.
Cut Above
Since registering a couple of consecutive triumphs during January 2012, D Walsh’s black and white b***h has been out-of-form. In her last six starts, she could not be able to perform confidently. As a whole, the two-year-old has been a consistent performer
and winner throughout her long career.
In tonight’s contest, she can cause a big upset but, on paper, her chances to win are no more than 60 percent.
Guinness Andy
Since making his debut in August 2011, the white and black dog has won just two races so far. His maiden victory came on September 6, 2011 followed by the second success on January 23, 2012. During the intervening period, he remained totally off-coloured.
The last victory could not hike his confidence at all as he finished 6th in a race on January 28. The young dog seems to be greatly unpredictable. However, if he runs to his utmost, he has 65 percent chances to stand first tonight.
Aughacasla Vieri
K Tester’s novice runner has gained a lot of momentum by bagging his maiden victory on February 12. In his just second start, the black dog performed extra-ordinarily well and won by a big margin of 12 ½ lengths. The dashing hound is likely to strike again
tonight, having 80 percent chances to finish first.
After achieving two back-to-back victories in November 2011, the black dog won a tough race on January 28, 2012. In his last start on February 11, the trainee of C Gardiner fought well and finished third at the Hove track.
The novice hound is expected to do well in tonight’s race. His chances to win are 65 percent.
In the light of the above stats, it is concluded that the duo of Aughacasla Vieri and Scramble will struggle intensely for the Gala Coral Puppies’ title; however, the latter has higher chances to thrive.
It is going to be an awe-inspiring competition as all the runners seem to be in good form. Let us get ready for the action.



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