Roy Keane believes that the current Arsenal squad is the worst he has seen

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Former Manchester United midfielder, Roy Keane has gone on to blast the Arsenal team and believes that it is the worst Gunners team that he has ever seen.
The former Ireland international went on to blast the team and their mentality for the way they were playing against Sunderland, as he feels the team is letting the manager and the club’s fans down, week after week.
When talking about the team and just how he rated them, Keane is quoted to have said: "You're on about trying to do well for your manager and once again they're letting him down.”

"This is probably the worst Arsenal team I've seen in all my time of watching football"

Keane also went on to highlight the fact that the team sent the wrong signals to their opponents from the way they approached games, while claiming that a simple thing like wearing gloves can also have a massive impact on the game.

When talking about the Gunners decision to wear gloves and how it effects opponents, Keane went on to add:  "From the first minute when you see five or six of the Arsenal players wearing gloves, you're talking about a reaction, you're sending signals to the
opposition. I don't think a footballer should wear gloves when they're playing a professional football game.”
Keane ultimately ended by claiming that the passing which had made what it is today seems to be missing and that it is nowhere near the level that it once used to be at.

"They've been sloppy, which led to the goal, there has been no focus to their passing. It's been slow it's been sideways, it's been backwards.”
It is very hard to argue with Keane, since not all of the team’s failures can be blames on Arsene Wenger. It is high time for the Gunners to accept that they have been sloppy and poor, which had led to them having one of the worst seasons ever.
It is now going to be a wait to see just how the Gunners respond to their critics and whether they can go on and win the fans over once again or not.



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