Another Episode tipped for victory in Stan James Bookmakers Stakes – Oxford 450m A6 Preview

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Another Episode tipped for victory in Stan James Bookmakers Stakes – Oxford 450m A6 Preview
Oxford’s Sunday card will came to an end with the Stan James Bookmakers Stakes, scheduled to commence at 17:44.
Six ace hounds are due to take part in this 450 metre long Grade A6 competition, holding a purse worth £45.
Among the entries are:
Another Episode
Heatherhil Louie
Lissycasey Jose
Miami Twice
Nice One Orca
Talksport Bolt
Let’s have a look at the hounds’ recent performances in order to find out the one with the highest chances of winning.
Another Episode is currently carrying the highest odds of 5 to 2. The black dog is in terrific form at the moment, winning two out of his last three races.
In his latest outing on February 12, L. Magnasco’s trainee remained slightly unlucky, losing to Mooreville Girl, by a short head’s margin.
Royal Impact’s son out of Pennys Kim, ran on the inside rail of the track after picking up an early pace.
However, he lost his pace at the end moments, letting the b***h take the glory away. Yet, he is full of confidence after three good performances, and will be the one to watch out for.
Heatherhil Louie is expected to give him a lot of hard time in the middle. He also made his last run on February 12, when he finished third on the table.
Despite the fact that the hound has not been winning over the last few weeks, the bookies are rating him highly considering the amount of talent he possesses.
There is no reason why he should not have a great run, but it will entirely depend on a good start.
According to the betting forecast, G. Hepden’s trainee has been given the odds of 11 to 4.
Lissycasey Jose, Miami Twice and Nice One Orca, all are evenly matched, and have been awarded with a starting price of 4/1 each.
Nice One Orca will start the show from the red box, and she definitely deserves some respect.
The b***h sealed her last victory in early January, although she has been running well these days.
On the other hand, Lissycasey Jose and Miami Twice are also stepping into this sprint after a few poor performances.
Lissycasey Jose is making his first outing this month, and after an ordinary performance on January 29, his confident might be a bit shaky.
Likewise, Miami Twice, finished fifth in his last race on January 27.
It will be a bit risky to expect a winning performance from these three, however, they will battle hard for a place among top three.
Carrying a starting price of 11/2, Talksport Bolt is the least favourite hound in the competition.
Although the black dog clinched a classy win in his penultimate heat, it might be dangerous to expect something special from him.
Final Prediction
According to the betting forecast, Another Episode is most likely to dominate the show.
Heatherhil Louie is a huge threat to him, whereas the trio of
Lissycasey Jose, Miami Twice, and Nice One Orca will look to spring up a surprise.
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