Napoli will look to score against Chelsea: Edinson Cavani

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The Uruguayan insists that his team will need to play intelligently; maintains his side will not repeat AC Milan’s mistakes
Edinson Cavani believes that
He insisted that his team will need to play a smart game, and combine success with sacrifice in the opposition’s half.
While talking to, the striker said:
"Scoring at Chelsea's ground will mean qualification and that's our goal for Wednesday. At the San Paolo we showed our ability to overcome difficulties and we put in a lot of effort. Now, in London, we will have to combine sacrifice
with success in front of goal.”
The Partenopei striker insisted that the Blues will be a completely different team at Stamford Bridge, and Napoli will be required to play with a lot of intelligence against the experienced opposition.
"English teams change a lot in Europe when they are at home. They transform in attack and that will oblige us to play with a lot of intelligence from the first minute."
Cavani added that’s thrashing of AC Milan is a timely reminder for the Azzurri to remember that no tie is over until the last minute. The Rossoneri almost blew their 4-0 lead over Arsenal, when they conceded three goals
in the first-half of the return-leg. They eventually survived the scare by going through 4-3 on aggregate.
"Even though we are two goals up, the tie isn't won yet. We'll have a lot of work to do in 90 long minutes at Stamford Bridge but it can take us to greater European glory.”
The Uruguayan International believes that their recent six consecutive victories have given the Partenopei a positive momentum going into the crucial game against the Pensioners.
"This is Napoli's best moment of the season and that's very important as we approach the Champions League return.” for the spectacular performances of the club, but the credit for the success goes to Napoli’s President for signing the two strikers.



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