Napoli are looking to be title contenders: Edinson Cavani

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The former centre forward has underlined the determination of Napoli to overcome the dominance of Juventus and be real title contenders, themselves.
The Vesuviani outfit have been touted by many to be one of the teams to look out for in the upcoming season after a summer of strengthening and reshuffling in the squad at the San Paolo. There was huge interest in the services of several Napoli stars including
the likes of However, the club resisted offers for all except one player, Lavezzi.
The Argentinean had intentions of leaving the club as well, and the President of the club had stated that they would not be keeping any player against their will at the club. After agreeing the fees for the Argentinean, Lavezzi was allowed to leave the club.
Lavezzi left the club for Paris Saint-Germain for a reported fee of 30 million Euros.
 Napoli kept their resolve and held on to the services of the others. They have been well rewarded for that as the remaining players have been of supreme assistance to the players. Cavani scored a hat-trick in the last match as they overcame the threat of
Lazio in the fifth match day of the Serie A season.
The Biancocelesti possessed the stiffest competition to the Partenopei outfit at the top of the table, and this match was deemed by their coach as an extremely important match. He further went on to state that the outcome of the match would be great significance
in the title run.
Napoli were in great form as they trounced the Biancazzurri by 3-0, with all the goals coming from their Uruguayan striker. It could have been worse for the club as Cavani missed a penalty kick.
The Uruguayan international went on to state:
“We are a side who always want to win, we want to try to win something important this season and every game is like a Final for us. Our objective was to triumph against and we did that thanks to a great display. We are happy because we made up for
the average performance at Catania to get the three points needed to keep fighting for the top places.” are currently level on points with Juventus at the top of the Serie A standings.



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