Mario Gomez turns down comparisons with Lionel Messi

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The Bayern Munich striker has played down comparisons with the Barcelona attacker after scoring four times against Basel in the UEFA Champions League.
Mario Gomez believes that is a completely different player and one of the best footballers in the world. The German admitted that it would be impossible for him to match the Argentinean’s level and rates him in a different
class altogether.
The striker was talking in the wake of his team’s 7-0 win over in the second-leg of their Champions League knock-out stage. Gomez scored four goals to lead Bayern into the quarter-finals of the competition.
Gomez’ four goals have come just a week after Messi scored five times in man has now scored seven goals in his last two outings having scored
a hat-trick against Hoffenheim last weekend in Bayern’s 7-1 triumph.
While talking to official UEFA website,, the 26-year-old further added: "I'll never be as good as Messi and I'd never try to be. He's a completely different player to me. I don't see him as a peer. I see him as the ultimate
Club president, Uli Hoeness, also showed his delight at Bayern’s emphatic win over the Swiss opponents. He stated that the players played with great determination and passion which is a great sign for the future games.
Hoeness admitted that Bayern have not been good recently but expressed his pleasure at the great display under pressure against Basel. He claimed that the Reds could defeat any side if they maintain the same level of concentration
and composure.
"Now we have shown twice what this team is made of. It was fun to watch. Perhaps we need the pressure when our backs are against the wall. In the games when things haven't gone so well, we didn't run as much as in the last two
matches," the President added.
Reds’ skipper,, is confident that Bayern could go all the way through to the finals of the competition, to be played at the Allianz Arena on May 19.
"We wanted to show from the beginning what we could do. After the break we showed, just as we did on Saturday, that we can take a team apart," Lahm concluded.
Bayern will learn about their quarter-final opponents on Friday, March 16, when the draws will take place. They will return to league action on Saturday, March 17, against Hertha



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