Inter Milan plan to rejuvenate their ageing squad over the summer

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The Nerazzurri President reveals that he will be looking to add some young players to the squad; insists a long-term plan is required.
Massimo Moratti has revealed that Inter Milan will seriously consider buying young players in the summer transfer window.
The Nerazzurri President insisted that the time calls for to map a plan for the future, and start working on ways to bring the club back to former glory. The Beneamata’s exit from the UEFA Champions League coupled with their
struggles in Serie A, is widely being perceived as an end to a glorious era for the club.
The Milan outfit’s season will end without any piece of silverware, and the gloomy situation leaves a lot for the President and the team management to think about.
While talking to the press, the Beneamata boss said:
“It would be a wise idea to start thinking about the long-term future of the side, to build a team that will be essentially young. But the problem is that if things don’t go well after three games then there will be regrets…”
Massimo Moratti insisted that the young talent will be used in combination with the experience already available in the squad.
“It will all depend on the project which we’ll plan with the Coach.”
The Nerazzurri boss hinted that they might follow AS, and try to transform their squad and style over the summer break. However, he insisted that it all depends on the realistic ambitions that they set keeping in view the
habits they already have.
The 66-year old admitted that the club will be looking to make some fundamental changes to the team, with an aim to return to winning ways as soon as possible.
“It would be a good idea to reconstruct from the base with the intention of immediately achieving important results and getting all of your transfers right.”
Massimo Moratti insisted that his team will try their best to secure a Champions League spot, as getting there will be a wonderful demonstration of character.



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