Mercedes GP driver Michael Schumacher hopeful for 2011 season – Formula 1 update

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Mercedes GP driver Michael Schumacher hopeful for 2011 season – Formula 1 update
Mercedes GP driver Michael Schumacher has updated the media that he is fully confident ahead of 2011 season, as he finished his successful test sessions.
He also mentioned that he is hopeful for the season races, because he completely learnt the advanced features, including KERS, adjustable rear wing and RFA of MGP-W02 car.
The seven-time world champion is feeling very good and expects more improvements in the upcoming races. Mercedes team made good progress over the winter testing however; Schumacher appreciated the team’s good work and admitted that the winter data was quite
encouraging for him while the track conditions were unexpected.
The German feels proud to be a part of Formula 1 sport, so he accepted that he must fulfil all his duties of his profession and put his efforts on the sport, for getting his achievements.   
With regards to the pre-season tests, he finished his best runs during the testing, while in the final Barcelona test, he recorded fastest time of the session.
Schumacher stated ahead of his run, “As a driver, you obviously hope for a good step forward and I think this is what we have achieved. I am confident that we can compete for podium finishes, and I am hopeful we can fight for victories at some of the races.
Saying, that, we will only see the truth once the season gets underway, so I can hardly wait to go to Melbourne to finally see what the real picture is.”
Still Schumacher is not able to predict the upcoming races condition but he said that he will try his best to achieve all his goals for the team.
After his retirement, he is moving into his second season, though he admitted that the last year was a big challenge for him as the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) brought some changes into the race. However, he said it was his good luck
that Mercedes bought him last year and that he worked with a skilled and great group over the season. He further added he really enjoyed his working with his current team.
Schumacher completed thousands of kilometres with the new systems, including KERS, RFA and rear wing, however he admitted, these functions are not so easy to use as he went on to say, “From what I have seen so far, these systems can have an impact, but just
not to the extent that you push a button and overtake easily. You still have to be in the right position and have to catch the right moment to find an advantage out of the new possibilities. Only during the races will we be able to understand fully if they
work to our complete understanding and satisfaction.”



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