Mercedes GP’s Nico Rosberg says real battle will start in Melbourne – Formula 1 update

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Mercedes GP’s Nico Rosberg says real battle will start in Melbourne – Formula 1 update
Formula 1 Mercedes GP driver Nico Rosberg has updated the media that all F1 teams have finished their successful test sessions and during that, they were busy struggling for the pace.
He also mentioned that it is difficult to predict the exact pace of every team. He further added, however, it will be clear in the season opening race in Melbourne.
The German driver made good progress with his teammate Michael Schumacher over the four test sessions. Both drivers started their run in new MGP-W02 car, in Valencia and moved on successfully, until final Barcelona test. Rosberg admitted that Mercedes GP
really worked hard on its new car and no doubt they introduced the best package they want for the 2011 season.
He also accepted that, MGP-W02 is not the fastest car but its handling is better and that it has more grip. He further added the team is going in the right direction as they made an impressive run over the winter testing.
Rosberg believed that he has a good platform so he is looking for the first win of this year. On the other hand, he discussed the new challenging systems of the car and said, “We understand the Pirelli tyres well now, both over race distances and shorter
qualifying runs, and had the opportunity to try them out in the wet on the last day in Barcelona. KERS took some getting used to: it was a completely new system for the team, and also for me as a driver. The trickiest thing from a driving point of view is
under braking, because the amount of energy you try to harvest can really affect the balance of the car. The adjustable rear wing is actually fairly straightforward to operate and should bring an extra interest to the races.”
He appreciated Pirellis’ working and went on to say, “The strategy is going to be really interesting this year and, thanks to Pirelli, we will have some very exciting races, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it works out. As a driver, you always
want to be more involved in the race, so that should be good.”
In the end he said the number of pit stops due to the tyre degradation might make the races more exciting for Formula 1 fans.
The first race of the 2011 Formula 1 season will take place on March 27, 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. Let’s see how each team performs in the season-opener.



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