Bayern Munich’s Bastian Schweinsteiger looking forward to a great campaign in Europe this season

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Bayern Munich’s Bastian Schweinsteiger looking forward to a great campaign in Europe this season
Bayern Munich midfielder has claimed that he is looking forward to a great campaign in the UEFA Champions League this season. He stated that he expects his side to be a real force in the competition despite
being drawn in the most difficult group.
The Bavarian giants were drawn in Group A of the Champions League alongside All sides are well capable of qualifying for the knock-out phase of the competition
and it will be interesting to see which side progresses to the next round.
Schweinsteiger claimed that Group A is surely the toughest of all the groups and admitted that it will be a difficult task to progress further for all the sides. However, the player insisted that Bayern are not afraid of any side
and will give their all to get some really good results.
The midfielder added that the players have full confidence in manager Jupp Heynckes and there are confident that the boss will prepare the team well throughout the competition phase.
“This is what the Champions League is all about. We're definitely in the hardest of all eight groups, but we're not bothered. I'm looking forward to some fantastic games at the Allianz Arena, and I'm sure Jupp Heynckes will prepare
us well for everything,” he was quoted as saying in an interview.
The German international underlined the importance of progressing through to the next round as it is a huge challenge. He said that it will be a big test to crack the group but remained hopeful and confident that Bayern Munich
is well capable of achieving that feat.
“If we want to be known as one of the top teams in Europe, we have to crack this group. And I'm certain we'll crack it,” he concluded.
Bayern will be hoping to perform well in this season’s UEFA Champions League as the final of the competition is scheduled to be played at Allianz Arena, the Bavarian outfit’s home ground.



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