Mercedes GP’s Michael Schumacher dissatisfied with his performance in 2011 season – Formula 1 news

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Mercedes GP’s Michael Schumacher dissatisfied with his performance in 2011 season – Formula 1 news
Mercedes GP driver Michael Schumacher is dissatisfied with his current performance in the 2011 Formula 1 season.
The seven-time world champion is still unable to finish his race on the podium with the Petronas-sponsored team.
The team driver talked to the media and said that he arrived at Mercedes in 2010 with an aim of strengthening this team among the other strong teams, but the team’s MGP-W02 car is still playing an unsupportive role and due to that, he is still not able to
perform well for them.
Talking to reporters, the 42-year-old driver said, “If anything, I am the problem - it is a fact that I am a bit more relaxed than I was before. I have experience, I can estimate when it is necessary to concentrate. But I do not know if my mindset is right
for the team. Soon I will evaluate whether to continue [racing] or stop.”
Meanwhile, the team boss Ross Brawn has stated that Schumacher is an important part of the Mercedes team and that they are all happy with him. In addition, he mentioned that if Schumacher takes a decision to quit racing at the end of the season, then they
will convince him to stay with them until the end of his contract.
Brawn added, “But if Schumacher does not feel more at ease, then we need to talk. You cannot force someone to do something that they do not want to do. We believe in him, he is an important part of our team. I am convinced that eventually we can convince
him to extend his contract.”
The team believes if they provide Schumacher with a well-developed car, he can show them better results in the rest of the ongoing season.
The German is at the 10th place in the 2011 Formula 1 drivers’ championship with 32 points at the moment.
Let’s see what decision Schumacher takes about racing in the sport in the upcoming few days.



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