Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini hails Darren Bent’s Aston Villa move

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Manchester City manager Roberto’s Aston Villa move 
Manchester City manager, Roberto Mancini believes that Aston Villa’s 18 million pounds acquisition of Darren Bent will be a big boon for the club. Mancini hailed international to Villa Park, saying that Bent will be an invaluable source of goals for Aston Villa.   
Darren Bent joined the Villans on 18 January. Many football critics have labelled the striker a ‘football mercenary’, believing his move to be motivated by greed. After the move, the England international has become a public enemy amongst the Sunderland faithful.
Former boss Steve Bruce released a strong statement on the official website of the Black Cats, claiming that everyone at the club is hugely disappointed with the way Bent departed from Sunderland. The England international has been criticized from all around the Premier League and beyond.
However, the England international now has at least one more supporter. Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has put himself in Bent’s corner, defending the striker’s recent move to Aston Villa.
Mancini said, “Darren (Bent) has impressed me. He is a fantastic striker who has scored a lot of goals in the top-flight. He will be a good player for Villa.”
The Italian manager is preparing his squad to take on Aston Villa on Saturday 22nd January, and he is aware of the threat that Darren Bent poses. Mancini added, “I think it will be harder for us this evening because Villa with Darren Bent will improve a lot. Darren is a good player. He guarantees them goals – he scores a lot of them.”
The Manchester City boss went on to add that the England international will be crucial in bringing Aston Villa back into the top half of the table where they belong.
The Italian said, “I think his (Bent’s) goal ratio is one every two games. I think that’s why Villa took him. Gerard (Houllier) is trying to get someone who can open the door in terms of regular goalscoring and get them away from the bottom of the league.”
Let us see whether Darren Bent can make an immediate impact with his new club when the Villans face Manchester City on Saturday.



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