Australia’s world cup Squad, part-3

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Australia's world cup Squad, part-3
The defending world champions, on paper, certainly have a strong looking batting line up, and even if they are able to do half of what they are actually capable of, the task of the Australian bowling attack would be made much easier. The bowling lineup is
a well balanced and talented unit.
Brett is one name many would be happy to see back in the field. He may no longer be the fastest bowler in the world, but he does have plenty of experience and class about him to dazzle the crowd. While he has been away from the team,
he has been working hard on his fitness. He may be the first choice to take the new ball with a decent enough backup cast to follow.
Shaun Tait is probably the likely candidate to share the new ball with Lee; the right arm tearaway may currently wear the cap of being the quickest in the world. The slingshot action makes him lethal with the old ball, and he certainly makes
the new ball unleash it's true potential. Tait is prone to runs up front but does have a knack of getting early wickets.
Dougie Bollinger, the left arm pacer, is someone tagged as a limited over specialist, and does not get much of a look in Test matches for He has the ability to use the left arm over the wicket well, and can also make the ball
come in, which makes him unpredictable and extremely dangerous. Ponting will be inclined to using him up before the final 10 overs.
Mitchell Johnson's performance over the last couple of years has been quite turbulent. On his day, he can prove to be the most dangerous bowler on the field. On other occasions, his performance is rather mediocre. However, in the recently
concluded Ashes series, he did seem to finding his best and looks to be heading in the right direction. He is the 2nd left arm bowler in the team, but is completely different from Bollinger. Johnson is much quicker and is much better in the final
overs, and his batting not so bad too. He has played some valuable knocks coming in at number 7 and 8. He can be considered an all-rounder, but bowling remains to be his forte.
On paper, the Australian squad looks well equipped to pose a serious challenge for a 4th straight World Cup win, but a lot has changed since 2007 and Ponting has a team 70% of which did not take part in the last World Cup. The last two World Cups
held in the Subcontinent saw Australia making it to the final- they beat England to win the title in 1987, and lost to in 1996.



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