Stephen Fleming rebuffs rumors of succeeding Gary Kirsten

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Stephen Fleming rebuffs rumors of succeeding Gary Kirsten
Former skipper/batsman, Stephen Fleming has rejected the news segments suggesting that he would be succeeding Gary Kirsten as the head coach of India, once Kirsten's contract ends after the 2011 World Cup.
He was quoted as saying that coaching isn't an important part of his life at the moment, by the “New Zealand Herald”.
Earlier, The Telegraph had reported that Fleming would be taking over the realms of coaching from Kirsten after the World Cup. It was rumored that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) would be approaching Fleming regarding the matter of hiring
him as the national coach.
However, the former left-handed batsman put these rumors to rest by clarifying that he was not ready to commit to international cricket at the moment.
Fleming reiterated that he was happy to be linked with cricket for a few months as the coach of the IPL team, Chennai Super Kings. He made it clear that he wanted to spend more time with his family. The New Zealand player is enjoying his luck in his new
profession and is quite contented with his new life as a businessman.
Before Fleming's clarification, it was reported that due to his close association with Indian skipper,, he would be favored by the BCCI for the job. The general perception was that as he has been coaching the Chennai Super Kings since
2009, the environment in India would not be new for him to adjust in.
When Daniel Vettori, the current skipper of New Zealand, was asked to give his views regarding the possible appointment of his former mentor as the coach of the Indian cricket team, he expressed his full confidence in the abilities of Fleming as a coach
and reiterated that his predecessor was the right man for the job.
"I think he'd be a great coach. He'd be great for them. He's probably pretty similar to in his methods. It's worked well for India so it wouldn't surprise me at all", he said.
Fleming made his Test debut in 1994, against India, and went on to play 111 Test matches before bidding farewell to Test cricket in 2008, after playing his last match against England. In his 111 matches, he scored 7,172 runs. The left-hander debuted in the
ODI format of the game in 1994 too, against During his ODI career he played 280 matches scoring 8,037 runs.
He was, arguably, New Zealand's most successful captain, leading his side to many victories in the Test and ODI formats of the game.



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