Football Transfer Update: Santos declares transfer of Ze Eduardo to Genoa

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Football Transfer Update: Santos declares transfer of Ze Eduardo to Genoa
Though all clubs have so far been unsuccessful in their tasks there is new name that has joined in the ranks of causing ‘War between the Clubs’. Rumours suggest that prodigal forward of Santos, Ze Eduardo may be making a transfer
move to Genoa.
Speculations were rife of the striker making a move after he snubbed a couple of other offers from top-notch clubs, but a move to Genoa was unexpected.
This news broke out after Santos confirmed that they had reached an agreement with Genoa over their prized asset.
The 23-year-old attacking midfielder has shown immaculate form with his club, causing many scouts to report interest to their clubs. While some rubbished him to be another child from Brazil, others went ahead to explore the depth
of his talent.
Overall, the move to Genoa might prove to be a blessing in disguise. It is advantageous for players of his age to join a club that needs true services of the player rather than joining a big club where the only green that is seen
is in practice sessions.
At a club that is striving to oust others in league, the underdog mentality comes into play and hence all players fight tooth and nail to perform not just for themselves, but to help the club reach a better ending by the end of
the season as well. This ultimately also helps them in their personal career. 
The President of the Brazilian club LuisÁlvaro-c5280 de Oliveira Ribeiro stated in the press conference breaking out the news of Ze Eduardo, “The offer we received was very good and we have decided to accept it.”
Earlier, Ze Eduardo was predicted to make a move to Fiorentina. However, now it seems like Genoa have stolen the show from them. Sources have revealed the signing to be in for around €4.5 million, which is much more than what was
initially expected.
Nonetheless, if pundits got it wrong they are the ones to be blamed rather than the stars as last week the player’s agent Luiz Taveira informed media sources, “Ze Eduardo will play for Genoa.”



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