Mall Return likely to turn tables in Stadium Bookmakers 595

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Mall Return likely to turn tables in Stadium Bookmakers 595
Mall Return is expected to turn the tables at Oxford racecourse where he will participate in the Stadium Bookmakers 595 contest on Thursday, May 17. The Open Race over a distance of 595 metres is scheduled to start at 20:05 (GMT).
The J. Rowe-trained fawn dog will test his racing credential against five worthy rivals including Farloe Orion, Mountjoy Orion, Rio Ravel, Dippy Boy and Silverton Blaze.
Mall Return has been at the peak of form since the dawn of the calendar yea. After winning a race on January 14, the three-year-old veteran hound elegantly bagged a couple of consecutive victories in the month of February.
Following these impressive feats, the dashing dog went on to grab an epic victory each on April 19 and May 10. Thus, he is carrying immense winning impetus at the moment.
The way he performed in the last race exposed his inherent racing skills well. Currently, the son of Mall Road out of Mall Relief looks to be the strongest runner on the Oxford card.
If Mall Return runs to his best without bumping or losing his pace, he will have as high as 90 percent chances to finish first in the race.
Among the other hounds, Rio Ravel and Silverton Blaze will be able to perform well today.
Rio Ravel excellently finished as a runner-up in each of his last three outings. The D. Riordan-trained black dog’s last victory came on February 21, 2012. He can give enough tough time to Mall Return.
On the other hand, Silverton Blaze excellently finished first in a race on April 28, 2012. M. Walsh’s black dog grabbed 3rd position in his last start on May 11. These two outstanding performances have boosted up the dog’s morale greatly.
Thus, each one of the duo can pose a serious threat to Mall Return. By and large, the there will be witnessed a rip-roaring clash at Oxford. A large number of the sport lovers are likely to turn out to the venue to watch the fantastic action. Let us see
who carries the day. Good luck to all the hounds.
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