Dallas Stars' goalie Kari Lehtonen injured in World Hockey Championships, out 2-3 weeks -NHL Update

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Dallas Stars' goalie Kari Lehtonen injured in World Hockey Championships, out 2-3 weeks -NHL Update
Dallas Stars’ superstar goalie, Kari Lehtonen, became a cause of worry for fans as he was reportedly injured during his World Hockey Championship game with Finland against the United States, but fortunately, it is believed that he will be back and ready
in the next 2-3 weeks.
Lehtonen was injured during their Sunday, May 13, 2012, but it was not immediately disclosed what the player went through and what could be expected until now on Wednesday.
“Lehtonen is injured. That is all I know,” Finland coach, Jukka Jalonen, told media after the game on Sunday.
It was when just seven minutes remained in the contest as Team USA’s and Anaheim Ducks’ Bobby Ryan collided and fell on Lehtonen. He and his team were outmatched by the Americans as they dominated 5-0 in which Lehtonen blocked 25 of 30 shots taken on his
Now as the competition gets intense with the world championships entering the playoff round on Thursday, Lehtonen is expected to miss the remaining games as Team USA is expected to meet Finland yet again in the quarterfinals of the Group A team combination.
Dallas Stars general manager, Joe Nieuwendyk, came out on Wednesday as well and announced that the injury was to the meniscus in his right knee, forcing him to miss the rest of the championships and eventually return to Dallas, Texas, to have it taken care
Lehtonen can be expected to return to the United States in the upcoming week according to
Nieuwendyk .
The GM will be looking forward to Lehtonen returning and making a full recovery as Dallas Stars have their eyes set on having a rebound season. The last regular season, Dallas had a great start in the first part but failed to maintain their streak and ultimately,
failed to make the playoffs yet again.
Fans are extremely optimistic for their home team next year with a new ownership and players ready to go. Having Kari Lehtonen healthy and ready to go is extremely crucial for sustaining the club as Stars at one point last year, faced numerous financial
constraints due to the lack of game attendance.



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