Ganso wants to play with Neymar

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0 LIKES UnLike, since the two of them have formed a very strong bond.
The Brazilian duo went on to win the Paulista Championship in 2012, this past Sunday, following an emphatic win by four goals to two, over
Neymar went on to score two goals in the game, which helped his side pick up a third successive win.
Following that win, the dynamic duo were back in form in the Copa Libertadores, as they both score twice, to help Santos win by eight goals to nil, over Bolivar.
However, with the two now set to take on Velez Sarsfield in the upcoming quarter final game, Ganso has felt the need to talk about the bond that the two have developed and just how inseparable they have become.
When talking about his relationship with Neymar, Ganso is reported to have said: "He is my 'little brother'. He helps me a lot on and off the field, and I also try to help him the best I can"
"That is the key, that friendship and brotherhood. One helps the other and it is important. We never talk about [being separated], I don't even want to think about. If it happens one day, it just leaves more for the future."
The duo has been linked with moves away from and to the top European clubs out there. However, at the moment, neither one of the two is sure which one will make the first move and whether or not the two would end up moving to the same team.
Ganso, who hopes to never go up against Neymar in Europe, jokingly went on to state: "I don't know who will leave first. I hope to be by his side for a long time; and if possible, my entire career. I could never imagine playing against him, even though I am not a defender"
With the European transfer window now open, it seems like the two Brazilians will end up being pursued by a wide array of teams.



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