Agent Mark Gandler seeks permanent role for left wing Alexander Semin in Washington Capitals-NHL News

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Agent Mark Gandler seeks permanent role for left wing Alexander Semin in Washington Capitals-NHL News
Mark Gandler, the agent of Washington Capitals’ left wing, Alexander Semin, has not ruled out the possibility of his client staying in Washington for more seasons, but has strong reservations over the way he is being used by the team.
Apparently, the player has shown concerns that the team is not making use of his talent and skills in the best way, and he sounded to be clear in demand of receiving more ice time.
Gandler said:
“We need to see where they see the team going, which direction and then we’ll talk to management and see if we’re going the same way.”
He added:
“If they need Alex we’ll talk. If they don’t need Alex, as they did not need him this year, then there’s no reason to be together. Then they won’t be paying a lot of money and Alex won’t be wasting his career.”
Semin’s present deal is set to expire at the end of June and if both parties do not agree to fresh terms of an extension into his deal, he will become an unrestricted free agent, from July 01, 2012.
His contract was extended in January last year with a total payout of $6.7 million. There is no clear statement from either of the sides if they are looking to work out a new deal for him.
Apparently, there is no other demand from the player such as a revision in the payout or other terms, but he has come out open, criticising the way the team has used him.
His agent has further thrown light on the issue, saying that the player wanted to have a permanent role in the team, and pointed out their displeasure over the makeshift roles.
The agent said:
“He doesn’t want to be a part-time player, a role player. He wants to be a full-time player. Alex was a team guy, he tried to play whoever he plays with or however few minutes he’s on. They were looking to give everyone ice time except Alex.”
Without any comment from the management, the issue looks to be pending a formal consideration by the team.



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