Malaysia’s Sonia Cheah is happy with her promotion to Women’s Singles senior squad – Badminton News

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Malaysia’s Sonia Cheah is happy with her promotion to Women’s Singles senior squad – Badminton News

Malaysia’s junior female player, Sonia Cheah, is very happy as she has been promoted to the senior squad of Women’s Singles in the national setup. She earned this promotion because of her consistent performance for the last five months.
Sonia proved her worth by playing well in the junior category at the national and international level. In the preceding year, the young shuttler clinched the Girl’s Singles title in the Dutch Junior Open, which was held in the month of March. After her wonderful
performances, she has been promoted to the squad of senior shuttlers in the Women’s Singles category.
After entering into the senior squad, Sonia said that she is quite lucky to find a place in the national team of Women’s Singles. While talking about her future plans in the game, Sonia added, “I am still young and there is still a lot to learn. This promotion
will give me the opportunity to improve my game.”
The 18-year-old shuttler is quite passionate for her professional career and is feeling the elevation in her attitude towards the game, after joining the senior squad.
She added, “It has only been a week since I’ve linked up with the seniors but I can already see the difference ... although my coach is still the same.”
Sonia has been receiving training from Chi Shanrong while playing under the junior category. Shanrong was elevated to the position of the national coach for the squad of Women’s Singles, after the resignation of the former coach, Wong Tan Meng.
While talking about her training with the senior shuttlers, Sonia said, “The seniors are fitter and faster and the training is more challenging physically. Hopefully, with an improved training programme I will be a better player.”
Sonia has entered into the Girl’s Singles Under-18 quarter-final of the 100Plus National Junior Circuit Grand Prix Finals. She defeated Nurul Intan Juliza Jaafar in the pre-quarterfinal of the event by a one-sided margin of 21-8 and 21-9.
Sonia is now willing to work hard in the senior squad to earn glory for her country at international level.



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