2012 Korea Open: Sonia Su Ya Cheah beats Miki Takagi in Women’s Singles quarter-finals

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2012 Korea Open: Sonia Su Ya Cheah beats Miki Takagi in Women’s Singles quarter-finals
It seems Malaysia’s Singles squad is enjoying a smooth road to victory in the quarter-finals of Korea Grand Prix Gold as another national campaigner Sonia Su Ya Cheah gained access to the semi-final round on December 7, 2012.
Earlier, the Men’s Singles shuttler Arif Latif took his country one step closer to the trophy and now Women’s Singles player Sonia doubled the joy by thrashing Miki Takagi in round of eight.
This quarter-final match was played at the local badminton complex of Hwasun-gun, Korea and it concluded with 21-10 and 21-18 margin.
Sonia Su, who has been placed at sixth spot in the tournament ranking, alarmed all the contestants of this GP Gold event by sealing a straight-set victory.
She launched a brisk attack in the opening game and mounted pressure by clinching first match point with distinction.
In first half of the set, she took some time to read her challenger’s strategy but never looked back after establishing a grip over the game.
The Malaysian female shuttler bagged valuable points at steady pace and piled up a mountainous figure of 11 before the interval.
Sonia relished full benefits of this initial advantage and doubled the lead in third quarter of the set.
Though, the Japanese player made every effort to counterbalance the situation but she failed to tip the scale in her favour.
Miki Takagi kept on making fatal mistakes and her fluctuated performance ultimately led her to a 10-21 defeat.
The second set of match was not much different as her competitor ruled the court in most part of the game and transformed 1-0 lead into a straight-set win.
Sonia Su capitalised her early advantage and played with an authoritative approach from very first stroke.
She maintained a slight edge despite of going down in couple of uninterrupted rallies and put a decent margin before the announcement of break.
Latter part of the game also belonged to her as she did not give Miki a single opportunity to come back and locked the honour with an impressive knock of 21-18.
Now Sonia will resume her campaign in the semi-final round and win will ensure her presence in the title match.



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