Ijaz Butt criticised for Shahid Afridi’s removal as One Day International captain – Cricket News

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Ijaz Butt criticised for’s removal as One Day International captain – Cricket News
Former Afridi from the helm of the national One Day International
Afridi, who was appointed as captain last year before the Asia Cup, led Pakistan in 34 ODIs. His record as a leader composed of 18 wins and 15 losses, before the snub last week. He has been included in the team for the two-match ODI
series against, taking over the reins of the ODI team.
Wasim, who himself led Pakistan in two different stints during his cricketing career, stated that the decision taken by the Board was an inexplicable one and defied logic, as Misbah was at best, a stop-gap arrangement.
He added that internal bickering and politics was rife in Pakistan cricket for the last few decades and Afridi should not have been side-lined after his tiff with the current coach and Wasim’s legendary new-ball partner,
Akram said, “Arguments between captains and coaches are not new in Pakistan cricket,". "Afridi was hailed as a national hero after the World Cup, and came back from the after winning the ODI series only to find out he has
been sacked. What is the PCB up to? "It is a wrong step taken by PCB, and only [chairman] Ijaz Butt is to be blamed for this.”
The only Pakistani bowler to take more than 400 wickets in test cricket stated that all these years the coach of the national team has wanted all the power and when he is not heard, problems emanate. He inferred that Waqar was having
similar problems.
On the other hand, another former captain,, feels that the governing body of the game in the country took the wrong decision quickly, as they should have taken some time to resolve the conflict between Waqar and Afridi.
While speaking to the media, Wasim said, “Afridi should also be careful in giving media statements. But the fact is changing the captaincy is a cricketing decision and this one is not a sagacious one. Dropping Afridi as captain and
retaining him in the side to play under Misbah appears a bad move.”
Qadir was himself irked by the behaviour of the current chief and resigned from the post of chief selector some years ago. He feels that Pakistan cricket has once again suffered due to the incompetence of and it is high time
that some stern decisions are taken by the government and the is shown the door.



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