Lorgat suggests Legal Betting in Subcontinent

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Lorgat suggests Legal Betting in Subcontinent
The International Cricket Council (ICC) Chief Executive, also make it easier for the world cricket governing body to cope
with the issue.
"If the industry was regulated you could actually work with them, monitor them better and everything would be legal so there is reason to go underground", said Lorgat.
Lorgat gave the suggestions after Southwark Crown Court in London deferred the spot-fixing trial of three Pakistani players –, to October 4.
The trio along with bookie,,
at Lord’s in August, 2010. had already refused to attend the hearing, saying that his presence was not required as his lawyer was supposed to represent him. The other two players along with the bookie also did not attend the proceedings, which were being handled by judge, John
An independent ICC anti-corruption tribunal on 6th February 2011 punished the three players with lengthy bans. The former Test captain, Salman, was banned for 10 years with a five year suspension, while Asif was banned for seven years with two
years of suspension, and, Amir was banned for five years.
Following this decision, the trio filed appeals against their bans at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Media reports also revealed that the Crown Prosecutor Service (CPS) is seeking to take the documentation of the hearing
held in Dubai.
“We may well have people posing as a bookmaker, and approaching players to see if they report back to the anti-corruption and security unit, which is an obligation they have got”, said Lorgat.
The players association rejected Lorgat’s idea, but he was hopeful that ICC along with the players association will come up with the final decision about the recommendations to be implemented.



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