2012 Korea Open: Sonia Su Ya Cheah treads into second round of Women’s Singles event

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2012 Korea Open: Sonia Su Ya Cheah treads into second round of Women’s Singles event
Malaysia’s talented female shuttler Sonia Su Ya Cheah served notice of her potential in the opening round of Korea Grand Prix Gold and marched into the pre quarter-finals on December 5, 2012.
She stamped Mi Jin Jung in a hard fought battle which prolonged to three gruelling sets before ending with final result of 15-21, 21-16 and 21-14.
Women's Singles expert Sonia, who has been placed at sixth spot in this tournament ranking, took some time to get on right track and this sluggishness cost her vital match point but she made amends by prevailing in the ending two games.
On the other hand, the native shuttler raised her chances of success by winning first set but she failed to show consistency in her performance and surrendered in the local badminton arena of Hwasun-gun, Korea.
Mi Jin took off in perfect manner as she established an early lead by clinching few valuable points in a row.
Next couple of rallies saw her making a swift progress on the points table and this aggressive approach helped her to pile up a notable figure of 11 before the interval.
After the one-minute break, Mi Jin injected more intensity in her attack and cornered her rival with a staggering knock of 21-15.
However, it proved her last success in the home event as the Malaysian campaigner stormed back with a strong backlash and tipped the scale in her favour.
Sonia displayed complete command over her craft even after the first set loss and levelled the match score.
She kick-started her campaign with couple of consecutive points and strengthened her grip by registering a significant margin of 11 before the half time.
She carried this flow in latter part of the game and won this crucial set with a convincing figure of 21-16.
The local crowd was expecting Mi Jin to rise from the dust in third set but it turned into a sheer disappointment.
The Malaysian shuttler buried their hopes with a staggering knock of 21-14 and earned the right to be in pre quarter-finals.
Now she is scheduled to face another Korean player Eun Ha Lim and win will take her into round of eight.



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