Pirates of the Caribbean Online Cheats or Hints?

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Are there any cheat codes/cheats/hints for P.O.T.C. online? (Pirates of the Caribbean)

ALSO: I'm a level 5 pirate, and I'm having trouble getting the flag of the trade ship, and getting the materials for Tia Dalma's voodoo doll. Does anyone know what I'm talking about - and how to plunder a ship?




  1. no cheating allowed

  2. You can find hints for POTC by searching for "pirates hints/cheats" on Google. You can find lots of hints there.

    To get the trade ship flag, you can simply destroy a East India Trading Company ship (the ships with black and white sails).

    For the Voodoo quest, you can either use the tracker (go to Journal in your Sea Chest; click on the Voodoo quest and then click "Track"), or you can ask a friend to help you on your quest. What you can do, though, is go to any wild island or cave and you can find a lot of monsters in there.

    Also, plundering a ship is the same as destroying a ship. When you destroy a ship, you sometimes get a cargo or treasure chest. The value of a object (or how many gold you get) depends on what ship you plundered (For example, plundering a Navy War Frigate will earn you more gold than plundering a Navy Light Sloop)

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