Breaking News: Carles Puyol thought about hanging his boots

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Breaking News: Carles Puyol thought about hanging his boots
The Barcelona captain Carles Puyol admitted that he wanted to quit football while recovering from a serious knee injury.
The experienced Barcelona centre back picked up a serious knee injury last season which kept him out of first team action for a long time. However, the club doctors decided to operate him and now he is back in the Barcelona first team.
Recently Carles Puyol admitted that even though he loves football, he still thought about retiring. In a press conference, Puyol was quoted saying:
"These were eight months of suffering. I had a hard time because I could not see a solution. I experienced loss of strength in my leg and I could not play.”

"I even thought about quitting football."
It was a long road to recovery for the Spanish centre back. After managing to win the FIFA World Cup 2010 for the Spanish side, Puyol returned to Barcelona to continue club football. provided as much as eleven players to the international teams
while eight of them played for the Spanish national side.
Carles Puyol was one of those players. After returning from international duty, it was quite stressful for all the players to play club football without a break. Josep Guardiola tried his best to rest the over-worked and important players. However,
Puyol could not really do much about his knee and picked up an early injury last season.
The Spanish Champions found Eric Abidal to be the best replacement for their captain. The Frenchman was able to impress Josep Guardiola in the first team.
Abidal and never managed to become an integral part of the Barcelona line-up.
Puyol returned to full fitness during the El Clasico’s and that is one of the reasons why Barcelona were able to block the threat of Puyol man marked the Portuguese captain and the Catalan Giants were victorious not only in the league
but also in the Champions League. is not a natural centre back. Puyol has now fully recovered after having a surgery on his knee but Guardiola is still
cautious whenever he is playing his most experienced defender.



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