Sawpit Sensation to enthral at Swindon tonight – Ladbrokes Mobile Preview

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Sawpit Sensation to enthral at Swindon tonight – Ladbrokes Mobile Preview
Swindon greyhound racing course will host Ladbrokes Mobile ARC – Heat 1 at 15:17 tonight, February 20. With £150 prize money, it will be an Open Race of 480m Flat distance.
Following six hounds are lined-up for the action:
1: Hey Gringo
2: Jaytee Tiger
3: Tinas Zodiac
4: Salacres Town
5: Coom Bullet
6: Sawpit Sensation
Here we take a glance on the career records and recent performances of each of the runners in a bid to determine who is going to do what tonight.
Hey Gringo
J Houfton’s white and black dog has been performing well since last six months. By winning his last two races in a row, he has perked up his confidence greatly. On January 20, 2012, he won a race by 2 ¼ lengths at Nottingham followed by a marvellous 3-length
clean victory on February 14 at Swindon.
It shows that the four-year-old is at the peak of his form. He will be looking to complete a hat-trick when he lands into Swindon again tonight, having 90 percent chances to win.
Jaytee Tiger
Trained by P Young, the blue dog too has been enjoying good momentum since August 2011. During this period, he has delivered some outstanding performances and bagged marvellous triumphs. His last success on February 14 at Swindon was a great morale booster
for him. Now, the dashing dog is likely to do well again tonight and thrive. His chances to win are as high as 85 percent.
 Tinas Zodiac
After registering a couple of consecutive triumphs during December 2011, J Houfton’s black dog won two back-to-back races during the first two weeks of the calendar month. On February 1 and 14 at Swindon track, the novice runner performed extra-ordinarily
nice and won. He has 95 percent chances to thrive tonight.
Salacres Town
Since the dawn of 2012, the trainee of P Harnden has been performing tremendously. Following his a couple of good victories during the last month, the three-year-old won a race by 3 lengths on February 2. He too seems to be in good form and likely to show
a big run tonight, having 90 percent chances to win.
 Coom Bullet
J Mullins’ blue dog has also accomplished three excellent victories since the beginning of 2012. After winning a race on January 19, the talented runner bagged a couple of decent triumphs during the first half of February. Thus, he too possesses sheer confidence.
His chances to win tonight are more than 90 percent.
Sawpit Sensation
The trainee of D Hunt has been at the top of his game since his debut in August 2011. Along with a fabulous hat-trick, he has three other decent victories to his credit. The young runner won his last two races in a row with big margins. Thus, he stands above
all, having 97 percent chances to compete his second hat-trick tonight.
The above analysis depict that Sawpit Sensation has the highest chances to bag the title of the Heat tonight. However, Coom Bullet, Salacres Town, Tinas Zodiac and Hey Gringo will also exhibit outstanding performances and give enough tough time to Sawpit
With almost all the runners being talented and momentous, it is going to be a close and rip-roaring competition.  Good luck to all the hounds.



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