Is it normal to have peed your pants once as an adult? ?

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Yup I peed my pants awhile ago, was coming home from my classes and there was a traffic jam and i was stuck in traffic for more than 2 hours. I had drunk a gallon of orange juice and needed to pee badly but there was nowhere to go. I finally got to my parking lot which is located some 100 meters from my house. I stepped out and looked desperately for a bush or a secluded corner but there was none so I hurried to my house but peed my jeans while trying to unlock the frontdoor.

I've never had problems with my bladder before and try to blame this incident on bad luck and bad planning but I just find it hard to accept the fact that I have peed myself at the age of 22.

I'm not asking if it's normal to pee your pants regularly as an adult, of course it's not. But is it normal to have had one isolated accident? Or am I the only one? Please tell if it happened to you as well




  1. Yes it happend to me once as well. I was waiting in a long line in the ladies bathroom. In the end I just could not hold it and ended up peeing myself. I was aged 20 at the time.

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