Could quitting smoking influence farting?

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Me and a buddy of mine quit smoking last week, and ever since we have just been well, extra - extra stinky.

Is there some way that quitting smoking might influence this?

I was thinking that smoking does influence stomach acid production - and a change in that might influence the digestive tract further down the line, so to speak.

Any ideas?

And if you have an idea - will we always been this stinky?

Its rather embarassing.




  1.  From

    Nicotine, like caffeine, initially stimulates peristalsis, the wavelike contraction of the muscle in the digestive tract that moves the digestate through the system. However, after long-term use, the body becomes dependent upon nicotine to produce peristalsis, eventually weakening peristaltic action and thereby causing constipation.

    So basically your digestive system has slowed way down which means you're not eliminating your food as fast as you should -- hence the gas. This will correct itself. Just keep drinking lots of water and get some moderate exercise.

    Amazing all the ways the body gets messed up via nicotine.

  2. Pat F.

    So after 35 years of heavy smoking and now week 5 without...eyes are  frigin not a good feeling. I have invested in numerous cans of air sprey lol. 24/7!!! This was something that the doc never mentioned.

  3. This is amasing- I been quit for about a month and I have had a blast reading all these responses.


    Just wanted to put that over the past years of smokig- I had a real problem with farting and going to theh toilet- thinking it was ittibile bowel syndrome or something- definately no problem now...

  4. Ahhhhh man what a relief......and knowing as well I am not the only one!

    Thanks all, alot of these are pretty funny!


  5. I am two weeks on the wagon and seriously I can't stop, and I quit for a month earlier this year and had the exact same thing. I am just seeing it as my body taking the p**s out of me as revenge for the years of abuse I have heaped upon it.

    Glad to hear I am not alone, good work everyone

  6. forget trying to blame the dogs I had to put mine outside last night with the stinkers i was doing I felt sorry for them-thought it couldnt be good for them lol any way im of the smokes 3 days and ive never farted as much ever congrats on every 1 quitting.

  7. Have read most posts and need to say that I gave up smoking 6 months ago and am proud of myself as I was a chain smoker for over 30 years. I came on here to get an answer to the problem of excess farting. It is embarassing and it was not a problem before giving up. Now it seems that I can't help myself. I am trying to find out why this is happening. I am trying to eat healthy after the initial excess weight gain by changing from cigarettes to chocolate. Now have to exercise and diet to get back to a healthy 50s weight range. 

  8. I have been not smoking for a little over a month and my husband for about 3 weeks. Let me tell  you it is stinky in our house. But we are trying not to get upset about not smoking so we just toot around the house and make a game out of it. Everybody keep up the good work and not smoke. I  feel better now that its not something serious wrong with us.

  9. I'm one week smoke free and I'm quite bad every 5 mins I toot something rotten, It's deffinatly got to be linked with quiting smokeing.  A good tip is when ur outside in public time it for a bus or lorry to drive past! And inside blame the dog. 

  10. OH WOW I had no idea, I've been farting some BOMBS about every few minutes, I can't hardly stand myself!  Thankfully someone else had posted about it!

  11. hahaha me my mum and my dad all quit smoking just over a month ago and have been stinking the place up something shocking, we started thinking it was something we were eating but seeing as we all eat different things and haven't really changed our diets at all it cant be that so after reading all this were glad that it isn't just us, the weird thing is im breast feeding and my poor baby is doing the same and stinks just as bad. Anyway hope this doesn't last to long.

  12. DEFINATELY YES!!!  I work for a Pulmonologist.  He warns patients of this side effect.  It is a symptom of nicotene withdrawal. He said that it will last between 10 to 12 weeks. The longer someone has been a smoker, the greater chance of this happening is. People who take Chantix or Wellbutrin generally do not have this side effect because the medication is controlling the withdrawal symptoms. Although sometimes it does happen.  I know that this is an old post.  I just hope that this helps someone in the future.

  13. I've quit smoking a few times now for 4-7 months at a time, I'm hoping this latest quit is the one! Anyway, every time I quit I f**t a lot and they are AWFUL, but I am pretty sure this is mostly due to the increased gum intake (sugar-free not nicotine) and I tend to eat a bit more veg than usual. Fruit and veg are huge part of my diet but I increase the celery, carrots etc.. to inhibit snacking while giving up smoking.

    What I am getting at is I have always found it is temporary and once I cut down the gum and veg it stops and goes back to normal.

  14. Stop chewing gum or using hard candy to help with the cravings. It is most likely a result from swollowing increased amounts of air as a result of these activities.

  15. I'm having the same problem. I've been a non-smoker for four months now, but I just can't stop tootin. It's really causing problems for me at work and with my wife, who actually said if I can't control it, she'll "need a gas mask" just to tolerate me. I fear she may leave me. And where the h**l can you buy a gas mask?! And people look at me differently at work now. My toots don't make noise, but they certainly linger and smell real bad. I used to smell of tobacco, but now my stink is different and worse, at least for those I care about. I feel that if I have just one cigarette, the problem will end with one long and final toot. Does anyone know of any medicine for this problem? I can't take it anymore.

  16. quit smoking last week, used champix to do it, god bless those little pills! I f**t every 5 minutes, real stinkers, my housemates said its because my body is detoxing itself or somecrap, im gonna have to eat a lot of fruit now and blame that i think!

  17. just to add in as info, i quited smoking like 1 month already, only few days i started to have those stinky farts..i relieve that is only the effect of quiting smoking but i'm worried that how long it normally last..i'm sure that my diet is my usual diet and i chew alot of gum..could it be the effect of chewing alot of mint gum?? really lol!!

  18. Gave up three days ago by hypnosis (worked a treat) but have hardly stopped farting since! I thought it was just me until I Googled this thread. I have two dogs in the house and stick close to them if anybody calls, that way folk can't be sure whether it is me or the dog or the puppy!

  19. So glad I'm not the only one! Have quit for 2 weeks have been producing some hectic violent but silent ones and also the occasional loud and proud ones!

    I'm a very small girly woman and it very hard to pull my image of when I keep letting them rip! Oh well at least its entertaining (well sort of - after the smells have subsided!)

    I've tried standing next to the dog alot (passing the blame is always useful) and eating more salad!

    Well done for quitting everyone - i tried the Paul McKenna quit smoking CD - seems to be working a dream


  20. Thank GOD! I thought it was just me!
    I am cracking up as I crack off some rather LOUD and nasties in my cubical hahah Hoping no one realizes it is me!
    I think it's because I have been smoke free for 3 weeks and I have been chewing gum like crack addict!
    I was really getting worried thinking I needed a gastrointologist!
    hang in there..let them's better than smoking!

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