Can you help me quit smoking?

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I can't seem to put them down. I wanna do it cold turkey. Got any tips?





  1. Cold turkey is very hard. Especially if you have been smoking for a long time.

    There are many ways to go about quitting smoking and many products out there that make it very confusing. The key thing to remember about being addicted to smoking is that is as much or a psychological addiction as it is a physical one. Both of these addictions are very powerful, and once you get over feeling overwhelmed or scared to quit, you can do it.

    The nicotine patches and gums are not that great of products. They may help control the physical addiction to nicotine, but they won’t make you mentally able to quit. You need to get yourself some product that can actually help you get the will power and mental ability to kick the nasty habit.

    You can try this link for more on a product that will help you quit on the mental side of the battle:

    It also includes some other stuff like a stop smoking e-book, an anti-stress therapy item and a weight loss program (because stress and weight gain often increase after you quit smoking, so you will need something to help with that.) This product can possibly help you gain some more motivation to quit, but for sure you’ll need to want to quit a little bit. Just think about what it is doing to your body.

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