Can men stop peeing once they start?

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My husband told me men cannot stop their flow once they start peeing because their urethra is too long. Is this true?




  1. It's possible to stop the flow after you've started.  How difficult or how easy depends on how much you've already peed and how much more you need to pee.  I think that there are times that I just don't want to stop, no matter how awkward or embarrassing the situation.  I was at my friend's house one time when he had visitors on his birthday.  I saw the hall bathroom and ducked in for a quick p**s.  Just after I unzipped and started to pee, my friend's mom opened the bathroom door.  She said "excuse me; I'm sorry!" and babbled on in the doorway the entire time that I'm peeing.  I replied "No worries; not a problem!", and she continued to apologize and still didn't leave.  As my stream slowed down, I shot the last few bursts.  That gave her the clue to exit.  I could have froze right away when she opened the door, but I didn't want to stop peeing.  Even though it was her son's house, she should have knocked before she opened the door.  We've laughed about that incident a few times.

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