Who would be considered a "Chronic Smoker"? (Marijuana)?

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I'm wondering who would be considered a chronic smoker. How often and how much do these people smoke? As I read about cannabis addiction and side effects, it makes reference to "Chronic smokers" all the time, so I want to know how much smoking of marijuana this implies. Please don't leave comments like "Smoking cannabis is wrong, don't do it.". Also, I smoke only 2-3 times a week on the weekends only, would you consider this mild use? Thanks!




  1. Chronic is a slang term that originated in Southern California it refereed to high potency cannabis...terms like "kind" "dro" "highs" "dank" "sticky icky" "hydro" etc.

    I think a chronic smoker is somebody that smokes higher potency strains, as opposed to "bammer" or lower quality imported commercial stuff...

    if you meant the other kind of chronic then it depends on the tolerance...

    let's say for argument sake it takes a gram to get you high...
    let's say that gram high lasts for 5 hours...
    if you do this once, you are a user, nothing more...
    if you do this once every 5 hours as per our hypothetical, you are a chronic user...

    I am a chronic user in both respects =D

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