Indian hockey players to be trained by foreign experts

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Indian hockey players to be trained by foreign experts
Last week, hockey players at the Bangalore training camp were short-listed to 48 that were split into two groups. Keeping in view the huge number of camp attendants, Hockey India (HI) has taken approval from the Sports Authority of India (SAI) for hiring
a few foreign consultants for the athletes.
These experts, who will be selected by the team’s chief coach, Michael Jack Nobbs, will help in polishing the skills of the players in their future competitions. Separate expertise will be appointed for penalty-corners, goal-keeping, mid-fielding, shooting,
drag-flicking and defence.
Moreover, these experts will also train the Indian coaches during their stay at the camp for about 15 to 20 days. This initiative will be supervised under the HI Director of coaching and camp, SS Grewal. 

Grewal quoted the example of Jugraj Singh, who is serving as a penalty-corner coach at the camp. If Singh takes lessons from those experts, it will improve his coaching ability.
Nobbs recommended arranging a sports' psychologist for the team as early as possible in order to work upon the area.
On the other hand, the team’s exercise physiologist, David John, is indulged in testing the players and screening their videos for identifying their mistakes, while running, positioning or foot-work and then taking measures to correct those errors during
the camp.
The short-listed 48 national team players are expected to further reduce to about 25 to 30 players by the beginning of the next camp that will be then be handed over to the Chief Coach.
Grewal stated about Nobbs, "He is looking at a smaller number so that he can get to see all of them in action in the tournaments ahead of the Olympic qualifiers."
According to the Camp Director, it will all be about the skills and physical ability of the attendants that will allow them a chance in the national team as there is not much time left for preparations for the future competitions ahead.
Considering the young side of the country Grewal said, "We have selected around 18 more for the development team and the remainder from the 48 will join them. Ideally, they should be training in Bangalore along with the senior team. We are trying to get
the clearance for that.”
In the meantime, the next international assignment for the team is the 2011 Asian Champions Trophy that is all set to take place at Ordos, China from September 3 to 11.
In this championship, both the arch-rivals, India and Pakistan, have confirmed their participation. For this purpose, India’s final 18 players will be selected by the third week of August and the team will leave for China on August 28.



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