Simphiwe Vetyeka takes long trip to Mexico to face off against Giovanni Caro – Boxing news

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Simphiwe Vetyeka takes long trip to Mexico to face off against Giovanni Caro – Boxing news
Promoter of the 5 ft 7” tall Simphiwe Vetyeka, Rodney Berman has said that the arrangements for the bout against Giovanni Caro are getting complicated because of US visa regulations.
The South African professional boxer, who fights at Super Bantamweight division, Simphiwe Vetyeka, is scheduled to take on the Mexican professional boxer, Giovanni Caro of the same division on July 2, 2011 in Mexico. The two fighters will be face-to-face
in an official 12-round elimination bout for the WBC Super Bantamweight belt at the De Toros El Paseo Plaza.    
Berman said, “The original plan was for Simphiwe to train at Bill Denton’s gym in Houston, with his trainer Elias Tshabalala for about 10 days before the fight, But we ran out of time to get him a US visa. So we thought the next best thing would be for him
to go to Mexico via the US and prepare for the fight there. But, apparently, you need a visa even if you are in transit in the US, so that’s not going to work either.”
However according to plan C, Vetyeka can take his flight from France or Dubai to Mexico but the travelling distance would be doubled to choose that route.
Berman said, “That will turn what should have been a 16-hour flight into a 30-hour flight.”     
The 30-year-old, Vetyeka is the only South African boxer to hold a prestigious South African Bantamweight title for at least 3 years. Vetyeka won the South African Bantamweight title when he went against Khulile Makeba at the Graceland Hotel Casino in 2005.
Vetyeka made five successful defences of his title until May 3, 2007 when he lost the unanimous decision fighting against Hozumi Hasegawa in Japan. It was the first ever loss of his professional boxing career.
However, Vetyeka is coming to the ring after 6 consecutive victories against the best prospects of the world. Vetyeka won a knockout decision in his last fight against Roberto Carlos Leyva on February 25, 2011 in the United States.  
If Vetyeka wins this bout against Caro, then his next competitive bout will be against the Japanese national, Toshiaki Nishioka.



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