England v India: England’s aspiration to become world’s No. 1 team is justified: Coach Andy Flower – Cricket News Update

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England v India: England’s aspiration to become world’s No. 1 team is justified: Coach – Cricket News Update
The battle for the No. 1 position in the Test rankings is about to begin with Lord’s Test, set to be played between from July 21 to July 25, 2011.
A series triumph by a margin of two matches will steer the English side to snatch the top slot from the Men in Blue. While the Poms are aiming to claim their supremacy in International cricket, the gurus of the game are lashing out at the home side, saying
that the English side is being over-confident as their first objective should be to win the series.
However, England’s cricket coach, Andy Flower, believes that his team’s aspiration to become world’s best side is justified. He argued that England’s goal is realistic as it is natural to have an aim of achieving the top position.
"People are amazed that we talk about being the No. 1 side in the world. When they (former players) played for England, did they not want to be the best side in the world? Doesn't every Test team want that goal? Surely? Isn't it very obvious and natural?
I find it strange that it is seen as overconfidence or an outlandish goal," said Flower.
Many of the cricket pundits have already predicted England’s emphatic victory that will push the side to the top of the chart.
Yet, Flower urged his side to move forward step by step, asking them not to pay any heed to the media-hype.
"We need to get to No.2 first. We will do that if we win this series - but just beating India doesn't guarantee moving us into the top slot,” added the former Zimbabwean captain.
Lauding the English side for the outstanding performance during the last two years, the coach expressed his delight over team’s recent improvement in every department of the game.
He also made clear that he does not want to get his side engaged in the debate regarding the No. 1 position, as the players should focus on the crucial first Test, which will set the tone for the whole series.



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