Leung Chun Wing and Tiffany Pezzulo win Evanston Grand Prix- Cycling News

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Leung Chun Wing and Tiffany Pezzulo win Evanston Grand Prix
Hong Kong team’s Leung Chun Wing showed his good effort in Evanston Grand Prix race in the event of International Cycling Classic/Superweek 2011, on Sunday July 17.
Andrew Crater of Serenity Bikes p/b Yoga One & ADARGA Handleba was in the second place, while John Grant of Texas Roadhouse p/b Motorex finished in the third spot.
John (Jackie) Simes (Jamis/Sutter Home), Thomas Soladay (Kelly Benefits Strategies p/b Optum Health) and Ryan Freund (ABD Cycling) were in fourth, fifth and sixth places, respectively.
Mick Kallenfels of Jan Van Arckel Zababank Plieger Sport was in good form and tried his best to catch the other leading cyclists, but he failed to maintain his pace and grabbed the 17th place.
In the first sprint of the stage, a total of seven cyclists made their first breakaway which included Ricardo Van Der Velde (Donckers Coffee Jelly Belly), Bobby Lea (Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA) and Andrew Crater (Serenity Bikes p/b Yoga One & ADARGA Handleba).
All of them managed to gain a lead while Bobby Lea launched the attack, but failed and Ricardo took a lead. With a few kilometres to go, John (Jackie) Simes (Jamis/Sutter Home) and Brian Hill (Chemstar p/b United Healthcare) worked together for gain a lead,
but Andrew Crater was in good form and took the second sprint.
Laurent Beuret of Atlas Personal increased his pace and gained an advantage of few seconds and grabbed the first place in the third prime sprint. Andrew Crater again increased his pace and managed to take the fourth and final sprint of the stage.
In the women's category, Tiffany Pezzulo of the PRIMAL/MAPMYRIDE team took the first place in the Evanston Grand Prix race. Wan Yiu Jamie Wong of Hong Kong was in the second spot.
Action cycling team’s Hsiao Mei-Yu grabbed the third position, ahead of Carrie Cash Wootten and Nichole Wangsgard. Zhao Juan Meng (Team Hong Kong), Xiao Juan Diao (Team Hong Kong) and Jeannie Kuhajek (ABD Cycling) were in sixth, seventh and eighth places,
A group of five cyclists made their first breakaway, which included Carrie Cash Wootten, Elena Dorr (ABD Cycling Team), Jeannie Kuhajek (ABD Cycling), Zhao Juan Meng (Team Hong Kong) and Wan Yiu Jamie Wong (Team Hong Kong).
All of them worked together and managed to gain an advantage of few minutes from the other cyclists, while Carrie took the first sprint of the stage.
Nichole Wangsgard won the second prime sprint, ahead of Carrie and Debbie Milne. Carrie also won the third intermediate sprint.
The next race will start in Hales Corners and end in Wisconsin.



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