Yusuf Pathan not disappointed with his poor performance on West Indies tour – Cricket News Update

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The dazzling Indian all-rounder, Yusuf Pathan, emerged as one of the most unsuccessful batsmen in the recent series against West Indies, scoring just 42 runs in five One Day Internationals (ODIs).
Despite failing to make an impact on the Caribbean tour, Pathan is not disappointed with his recent poor performance with the bat, as he said that he is confident of regaining his lost momentum soon.
"I may not have scored too many runs but I am not really disappointed with my performance in the I would like to look at the positive side of it. I scored 30 in the last match and felt good as I was hitting the ball well," said Pathan.
The Gujarat-born cricket has been under serious criticism for his not-so-impressive performance since the World Cup 2011. Pathan’s inability to hammer short-pitched deliveries is considered as the prime reason behind his lacklustre performance in the
West Indies series. However, the 28-year-old blistering batsman is not ready to confess that he has any trouble against bouncers.
"You can have a look at my dismissals. Have I recently been dismissed to short-pitched stuff? I don't think I have a problem with short-pitched bowling. And in any case when I encounter any problem, the best thing is to ask the senior Indian players. Once
I talk to them, I can easily take corrective measures," shared the aggressive batsman who is yet to establish himself as a suitable option for every format of the game.
Talking about his experience of working with the newly-appointed head coach,, Pathan described that even though he did not get much opportunity to work with the coach during the West Indies tour, Fletcher gave him some valuable some advice
to improve his batting.
Pathan also commented on the India’s ongoing tour to, stating that it will be an exciting series since both teams are top of their game and eager to crush each other.
Meanwhile, he uttered that he will soon start his practice session, adding that his first aim is to be consistent at the highest level.



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